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State Certified Residential Appraiser Program.

 To meet new AQB standards of 200 Hours of education.*

 This course is broken into many courses as follows


15 Hour Residential Report Writing


15 Hour Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach


15 Hour Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use


15 Hour Advanced Residential Applications & Case studies


15 Hour Statistics Modeling and Finance


15 Hour National USPAP course.


30 Hour Residential Sales Comparison & Income


15 Hours Residential Report Writing


20 Hours Mastering Unique and Complex Properties


Requirement to move from Registered Assistant appraiser to Certified Appraiser


This course is designed to advance the education of the registered appraiser and to prepare them for the State exam to become certified.


Class will cover advanced concepts including Depreciation, Advanced Cost approach analysis, Abstraction methods, and advanced appraisal math concepts.


HP 12-C is recommended as you will be working advanced math problems.


*200 hours of education is inclusive of AB1 100 Hour class or previous 75 hour course depending on when you took your trainee permit classes.